New business field for Mayser Hats

In-house production of mouth and nose masks in Lindenberg

Since the introduction of compulsory masks about two weeks ago, mouth and nose masks have become an integral part of daily life. Our company has responded to the increased demand by combining existing capacities with the sewing know-how of the hat production department. The result: The Mayser community mask, a very comfortable mouth and nose mask that our factory in Rožňava has been producing since the end of February.

Very comfortable

The masks are made of high-quality cotton fabric, with a dual-layer construction. In addition, all fabrics are certified in accordance with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which means they contain no harmful substances. An elastic band with open ends allows adjustment of the mask to individual sizes. The optimised design of the elastic bands, as well as an aluminium wire over the nose, ensures a perfect fit to every shape of face, so that the mouth and nose are fully covered. The masks are washable up to 60 °C and therefore suitable for re-use, and are available in black and white. Currently they are not certified as a medical product.

Supply to municipalities in the Lindau district

Mayser recently received a production order from several municipalities in the Lindau administrative district. To meet the demand of the municipalities, the district is supplying them with suitable fabric material. Now that the municipalities have a sufficient supply of masks, we are also offering them for sale to our customers.

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