Trainees in Ulm and Lindenberg start training

Taking the cold plunge (or not)

You’ve graduated from school, signed your trainee contract, and are looking forward to your first paycheck – but uncertainties arise as you are about to begin your first year of training. How are things done here? Where do I find who I am looking for? Who can I ask and what would others do in my situation? These and other questions were answered by the training team during the traditional Introductory Days at the beginning of September, which was attended by all 15 trainees in Ulm and Lindenberg.

They also received orientation and training in matters of occupational safety and training documentation, as well as products and software. The success of the event, due in part to the organizational skills of the “seasoned” second and third year trainees, went off smoothly and resulted in positive feedback from the newcomers in every respect: They agreed in their evaluations on aspects such as well-structured orientation, a sense of esprit, and the opportunity for uncomplicated networking with other trainees.

The positive atmosphere within the team and their enjoyment of a challenge were also evident in the popular annual trainee excursion, in which the trainees in all three years of training visited Ravensburg and Lindenberg on the 9th of September. The program for the group of 42 was adventurous: In “prison” and “secret office” scenarios they had the opportunity to display problem-solving competence in the escape room, and then to test their negotiation skills by switching roles. Afterwards, rewarded with giant pretzels, the participants enjoyed an animated discussion of what they learned and experienced in Lindenberg. In a tour of the company with the employees there, the trainees acquired insights into our work processes and products.

At the end of the day, all faces were beaming with smiles, including those of training supervisor Ralf Michael and HR specialist Sandra Handerer: “What our trainees experienced on this day was the ideal conclusion to the Introductory Days. Team spirit, dependability, and joint problem solving are exactly the positive values that we want to promote in our training!”

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