Mission & vision

“We operate worldwide as a competent partner for our customers. They know they can rely on our innovative technology, superior quality and perfect service.”

Corporate vision 2025, Mayser GmbH & Co. KG

The basis for our daily activities

High levels of commitment, fairness and passion for our work are part of our DNA. Everybody at Mayser constantly keeps in mind the needs of our customers as well as all members of our team. They can fully apply their talents in an innovative environment with wide-ranging freedom and agile, project-based teamwork.

We prioritise close, trust-based cooperation and strategic partnerships with both customers and suppliers.

Climate protection, social coexistence and digitalisation are major topics for us now and in the future. Therefore, we design all our processes to be sustainable and voluntarily take social responsibility in the regions where our plants are located. Digitalisation is a key element of our corporate strategy.

With our guidelines and values, we create an environment where our employees and customers feel at home.