International training at Mayser

Additional qualification as International Clerk for apprentices

Since 2016 Mayser apprentices have been participating regularly in the CIC additional qualification “International Clerk” in London. The goal is to prepare future specialists for the requirements of the European labour market and to teach them intercultural competences. In the spring of 2020, Mayser apprentice Janina Miller successfully completed the three-week course.

Apprentices from various companies who are preselected by the CIC Ulm obtain their additional qualification at the European College of Business and Management (ECBM).
There they improve their English skills and become familiar with the activities of an international environment. The training is financed in part by the Erasmus program, and the remaining share is paid by Mayser.

Classes and sightseeing

Janina Miller, who is currently training at Mayser as an industrial clerk, fulfilled all requirements – including a convincing application and good English skills – for participation in the training. During her stay in London she lived with a host family and attended classes on a daily basis. The curriculum at the college focused on regional and economical subjects, and was supplemented by special excursions. Of course, the visitors from Germany also had sufficient time for their own excursions and sightseeing.

Janina Miller passed the final test, attaining the qualification “International Clerk”. At the graduation party on 5 March in Ulm the apprentices who completed the course were honoured to receive their certificates from the director of the ECBM personally, who came all the way from London just for the occasion.

Apprentices are very grateful for experience

Marisa Hartelt, the first Mayser apprentice to participate in the CIC qualification measure in 2016, has fond memories of her time in London: “It was a great opportunity for me to broaden my intercultural competences and to get to know London from a different perspective than that of a tourist. My training instructor at the time, Ralf Michael, learned about this program and made it possible for me and future apprentices to participate, with the support of Mayser. I would like to thank him and Mayser for this opportunity.” Janina Miller is likewise enthusiastic about the program: “My English – both for everyday and professional use – improved remarkably quickly, and I learned a great deal for my job and for life – a wonderful experience all round.”

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