Production Manager CIC: Sustainable optimisation of processes and procedures

Lisa Kreuseler brings newly acquired know-how directly into the company

Dynamic markets require dynamic companies that undergo continuous change, in order to constantly reconfigure and optimise their processes and operations with the goal of sustainability. Lisa Kreuseler learned how this can be achieved in advanced training as a “Production Manager CIC”.

Since her training as an industrial clerk at Mayser from 2013 to 2016, Ms. Kreuseler has worked in Production Planning and Controlling at our Lindenberg location. What she especially likes about this department is the combination of planning activities in the office and interaction with the employees in production. During her advanced training as a product manager at the Weingarten Chamber of Industry and Commerce over the past one-and-a-half years she learned about methods for the analysis, structure and improvement of processes within the company. Due to her passion for logical analysis and planning, her new qualifications will benefit not only herself, but also Mayser.

For the final project Lisa Kreuseler worked on a project for “Creation of a concept for reducing turnaround times and inventories in the organisational units Deep-drawing and Water jet cutting”. During the course of the project she was able to apply the theoretical methods, identify potentials for improvement in these areas, and develop suggested solutions, which will help Mayser to reduce costs and make better use of capacities.

The company provided support in the form of a laptop computer for the project, financial aid, and educational leave for participation in the instructional units of the training measure. Her colleague Michael Dietrich from Lean Management also assisted her in finding and formulating her topic.

In addition to capacity planning, the skills learned by Ms. Kreuseler in the advanced training course will allow her to see processes and operations in a new light, so she will be able to provide important input for optimisation. One of the first measures planned is a workshop in which she will present the results of her project to the relevant departments, followed by implementation of the optimisations under her supervision.

Lisa Kreuseler summarises her step up the career ladder as follows: “I can recommend the qualification as ‘Production Manager CIC’ to anyone who is interested in potentials for improvement and process optimisation within the company.”

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