Foam Expo: Mayser presents foam solutions

50 years of experience in technology and material

Lindenberg, 25 Oct. 2021 – At the Foam Expo in Stuttgart, Mayser will present its extensive portfolio of foam technology products. The Foam Expo is one of Europe’s largest trade fairs for the foam industry. From 9-12 November 2021, it will offer the ideal platform for Mayser to present its large and varied range of materials as well as its process expertise.

An established development and production partner specialising in versatile polyurethane special foams, Mayser meets the requirements of many industries, including automotive, mechanical engineering and commercial vehicles, as well as textiles such as sportswear and medical technology.

The company’s INDUCON® compressed foam is a long-established solution for technical applications. It is used among other things as a backing for steering wheel heating systems and as an adhesive tape backing, for dust-tight sealing, for ink reservoirs in stamping systems and ink cartridges and for lubricant storage. The INDUSKIN product line provides high quality in terms of appearance, haptics and durability thanks to special processes for saturation and/or dyeing, stamping and coating. Above all in textile applications, MAYSER BLUEFOAM® is widely used as a polyurethane foam with a good haptic feel and extreme colour-fastness. It is particularly pleasant to the touch, breathable and stands up to frequent washing. The foam also meets the strict human-ecological requirements of the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certificate (15.0.72104 Hohenstein HTTI) for products with skin contact.

Biocompatibility: use in medical and orthopaedic technology

The development of MAYSER BLUEFOAM® for use in medical and orthopaedic technology is another milestone in Mayser’s 50-year history in foam technology. The company’s success story took off in 1971 with the first development for a customer in the field of self-adhesive products.