Mayser at R+T

Reliable, watertight obstacle detection

Ulm 24/01/2018 – In the vicinity of doors, gates and windows, safety and reliability in all weather conditions are very important. Despite being designed for DIY assembly and installation, Mayser safety systems offer protection against penetration of water according to degree of protection IP67, even in construction environments. At R+T Mayser will present the entire family of sensor profiles with different sizes for every application and different overtravel distance requirements.

High standards for energy, safety and design in building technology have resulted in the increased automation of windows, doors and gates. Whether controlled natural ventilation, smoke and heat venting or barrier-free access: centrally controlled or automatically operating doors, gates, windows and façade elements have become an integral part of modern building technology and work environments. In addition to user-friendly operation, automated systems must also fulfil existing safety standards in order to protect people and property from injury or damage when closing.

Mayser products protect danger zones reliably in any weather conditions
For this purpose Mayser offers pressure-sensitive protection devices such as sensor profiles, safety edges and miniature safety edges to meet the requirements of different installation situations. The product group of sensor profiles was specially developed for protection against pinching and shearing edges at gates. The miniature safety edges, which are available with an overall height starting at 4 mm, are ideal for low overall heights and minimal installation heights. They are also suitable for use as invisible finger protection elements to prevent pinching in window and façade technology. All safety components from Mayser comply with the requirements of EN 12978 and are tested according to EN 13849 and/or EN ISO 13856 and therefore fulfil the special safety requirements of the Machinery Directive, which applies to electrically operated doors, gates and windows.

DIY according to degree of protection IP67: watertight without adhesives
In combination with variable aluminium profiles and end caps the sensor profiles enable fast and easy assembly and installation directly at the gate to create functioning safety edges – without gluing. This also means that the DIY sensor profiles are watertight according to degree of protection IP67 and offer reliability and maximum flexibility for use at construction sites, in inclement weather or under harsh conditions.

Study for capacitive protection at gates 
In addition to contact-triggered safety systems, a study of capacitive sensor profiles will also be presented at the trade fair. In a sliding door exhibit the front main closing edge is provided with pressure-sensitive sensor profiles, and the rear edge with capacitive profiles. Both safety systems achieve degree of protection IP67.