Mayser expands sensor profile series

New sensor profiles for DIY installation without tools

Versatile, user-friendly and suitable for many different types of gates: The smart connector system of Mayser’s SP sensor profile series makes as-sembly and mounting of safety edges on doors or gates fast and easy.

With the SP sensor profile series, Mayser has developed a system for the door and gate market that is specially tailored to the high requirements for safety and versatility in this industry. The profiles, which were recently added to the product line, are designed for fast and easy assembly and mounting without the use of adhesives or additional tools. The use of fewer components and a well-thought-out connector system enables fast custom installation of safety edges to provide reliable safety in sliding and revolving doors, as well as overhead sectional doors, rolling gates and folding gates.

Large selection of base and profile geometries

The versatility of Mayser’s new sensor profiles for use in diverse areas of application offers not only the convenience of DIY fabrication, but also a large selec-tion of base and profile geometries. The sensor profiles are compatible with numerous door and gate requirements, and can be cut to size right where they are to be installed. Customers have the choice between models with or without a sealing lip, and the profiles are also available in assorted colors and with custom printing.

The new SP 67-2 and SP 87-2 profiles are available in heights of 67 and 87 mm, and supplement the SP 37 and SP 57 series with a hight of 37 and 57 mm, respectively. Custom profiles with a height of up to 130 mm are also available.

High requirements for versatility and safety

“We have expanded the SP series to meet the rising market requirements for customization and diversification of products”, explains Stefan Krebs, Head of Business Development at Mayser. “Different types of doors and gates require different profile forms, in addition to profiles with sealing lips to compensate for construction-related unevenness and provide a reliable seal. The newest addi-tion to the SP family addresses exactly this requirement.”

The sensor profiles of Mayser’s SP series are coextrusion profiles that conform to flammability class B2 in accordance with DIN 4102-1. In addition to being designed for ease of use and versatility, they are also dustproof and waterproof (IP67) and are designed for fast switching behavior and efficiency. Their high load capacity and weathering resistance guarantees a long service life.