Mayser, the expert for details in car interiors

Innovative developments for the vehicle interior in the field of foam technology and in safety technology

Lindenberg/Ulm, May 24, 2017 – At the trade show automotive interiors EXPO 2017, June 20 to 22, in Stuttgart, Mayser presented itself as international provider of solutions and specialist for complex series development at booth A5024 in hall 5. In the field of foam technology, as for example with modified laminating foam for interior parts or with carrier substances for steering wheel heaters, as well as in the field of safe sensory analysis, Mayser has shown its convincing know-how for decades. 

After being subjected to a thermal compaction process, the special PU foam material can be moulded into individual shapes for the required customer solutions. This process makes it possible to manufacture compressed foam materials, acoustic foam materials or moulded, embossed and punched parts. When the existing material stretches to its limits, innovative solutions are developed. One such example is the proprietary development MAYSER BLUEFOAM®.

MAYSER BLUEFOAM® for permanent sheathing of bucket seats

With vehicle seats, there is great interest in thin yet durable foams for the partial stiffening in the area of the side bolsters. The polyurethane foam MAYSER BLUEFOAM® on polyether or polyester basis is foamed into the problematic spots and thus provides permanent durability to exposed areas. The material is OEKO-TEX® standard 100 certified, permeable to air, easy-care, UV-resistant and non-yellowing. The series-production ready development for a German vehicle manufacturer also attracts wide interest from customers in Asia and Europe. The leather-like haptics and good strain and traction behaviour of MAYSER BLUEFOAM® enables varied possible applications including as laminating foam for steering wheel heater systems.

INDUCON®, the ideal carrier substance for steering wheel heating systems

The compressed special foam material INDUCON® is especially well suited as carrier material for steering wheel heaters because it adjusts not only to individual custom design specifications but can also accommodate the necessary heating strands. The material allows for the creation of a perfectly smooth and flawless leather surface, resulting in the added benefit of economical use of adhesive during laminating. INDUCON® is a low-emission material that boasts narrow tolerances in terms of thickness, hardness and volumetric weight and comes standard on rolls of variable thickness and width. These properties allow for streamlined manufacturing during further processing.

Robust, space-saving seat occupancy sensor for every vehicle

The tactile seat occupancy sensors SBS of Mayser can be integrated in nearly any type of vehicle thanks to the well thought out layout, low weight and small dimensions and do not influence the seat design. They reliably trigger an alarm when the belt is not put on and feature a convincing robust structure and also defined switching force. The innovative sensors developed by Mayser are tested according to the highest quality standards. 100 % of the sensors are tested before delivery. These can be clipped into the spring support or foamed into the seat foam. Mayser has equipped seats for several renowned vehicle manufacturers with series-ready SBS occupancy sensors for years.