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Mayser presents non-touch detection system for bus and train doors at the APTA EXPO in Florida

Belleville, 26/10/2021 – As specialist for innovative safety technology in public transport, Mayser is presenting a non-touch detection system for bus and train doors at the APTA EXPO from 8-10 Nov. 2021 in Orlando. The capacitive sensors significantly reduce the risk of accidents and shorten passenger changing times at the stops or stations. Mayser has long been a leading global supplier of solutions for entry and exit area protection in public transport. The company’s products are installed in vehicles around the world. Tactile and capacitive safety edges prevent dangerous movements on automatic doors. They provide obstacle detection and collision protection as well as drag detection. Safety steps with extension protection bridge gaps between vehicles and platforms. 

Mayser is presenting its non-touch detection system at the APTA EXPO in Florida. The system uses capacitive sensors installed in finger protection profiles and closing edges of doors. If a passenger or object is in the immediate danger zone, the sensor predictively detects a possible contact between the passenger/object and the door, and immediately stops the motion of the door. This can prevent dangerous collisions and accidents. The non-touch system is a useful complement to the tactile sensors because it prevents collisions with passengers and resulting accidents. This is how the system also helps keep cycle times stable. Another advantage of the non-touch detection system is that it only reacts to conductive objects in the direct danger zone. Environmental influences such as snow, rain or leaves do not trigger false detections which would lead to delays in the cycle times. The capacitive system can be individually adjusted to different door types and also retrofitted with minimum assembly effort. Safety sensors from Mayser used for bus and train door protection contribute significantly to compliance with the required safety standards as well as to increased passenger comfort.

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